Itty Bitty Kitty Sitting 
Love and care when you kitty "kneads" it most.

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Fees And Other Interesting Tidbits

Fees For Services as of July 1, 2017


$20 per visit within my service area (5 mile radius) for 2 kitties

Visits are 30 minutes

$2.00 for each additional kitty

$2.00 for each additional mile over my 5 mile service area up to 5 additional miles


IBKS does not charge for administering medication
Anything above and beyond giving medication, like changing bandages, cleaning wounds, surgery (not in my scope of expertise) will incur an extra charge. This charge will be determined by the amount of time over 30 minutes
5.00 for every 15 minutes over 30 minutes
Plants inside and outside
Alas, Vikki is not a plant person, other sitters working for IBKS may be exceptions
So you will need to leave detailed instructions on how your plants should be watered
If indoors plants can be watered within the 30 minutes and Kitties are still able to get the affection and attention they need
You will not be charged.
However, if you have more indoor plants that take more time then is reasonable you will be charged extra
5.00 for every 15 minutes over 30 minutes
Outdoor plants are charged extra
$10 for outdoor plants, depending on the time that it takes to water outdoor plants, if the outdoor plants take more than 15 minutes to water, fees for watering outdoor plants will increase. If you have two potted plants outside, IBKS will be reasonable.
IBKS does not charge extra for holidays, it is part of being a kitty sitter.  Firemen, Police, and Doctors don't charge extra because of the nature of their jobs.  Kitty sitting is like those jobs, just not life and death
If you find your sitter performs her job to the standards that IBKS expects and insists upon. On the holidays you can if you wish, tip the sitter for a job well done during the Federal Holidays.
IBKS Policies
1. There will be a charge for dropping off and picking up keys after initial Meet and Greet.  I have many clients and my time, gas, and auto wear and tear have been a problem as my business grows. To avoid this fee you can: A. let IBKS have a copy of your key or B. Put your key in a lock box attached to your door.  IBKS doesn't provide lock boxes.  But your key will be safe and kept at your house for when you return. I will not leave the key in a place that is insecure. That means no door mats, vases, or decorative objects.  I value your Kitties as well as your house.
2. IBKS will NOT PROVIDE SERVICE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS VISITS FOR THERE KITTIES EVERY OTHER DAY OR LESS. Why? Because kitties need their litter boxes cleaned daily, cats require companionship for their mental well being and in case of emergencies. Despite popular belief cats do not take care of themselves and Cats are social creatures.
3. From now on there will be a deposit on kitty sitting scheduled ahead of time. If you cancel your trip without giving ample notice your deposit will not be refunded.  If you take your vacation, the deposit will be applied to the total sitting fee.  Of course there will be circumstances that will be taken into consideration.